Prosthodontics(Crown & Bridges)


A crown is a hard protective covering that is placed over a tooth to hold the tooth together and prevent further damage to the weakened tooth. The crown can be made of a variety of materials, typically porcelain or metallic in nature. We do conventional porcelain fused to metal crowns or the more aesthetic full porcelain crowns and porcelain venners. Full porcelain crowns these days are much stronger and looks like natural teeth.


Bridges are prosthesis using crowns, connecting them together to replace missing teeth. They can be metallic or full porcelain or in combinations.

Inlays and onlays

Instead of having fillings, broken teeth can be restored with indirect restorations like inlays or onlays. These looks like fillings, however they are made in laboratory. These restorations are more durable and can be made from metal (like gold) or porcelain.

Removable full/partial dentures

Missing teeth can also be replaced using the conventional removal dentures. These can be in the form of acrylic (plastic) or cobalt chromium (metal). Although they are slowly being replace by implants and bridges.