Patient Education

Tooth Whitening (Bleaching)

Due to a variety of causes, teeth tend to stain and “yellow” over time. We can help you whiten and brighten graying or yellowed teeth. We examine your mouth and recommend the best treatment for your specific needs, either and in-office treatment or a take-home treatment, which we monitor to make sure you obtain the best results.


Not all patients are candidates for teeth whitening. Your dentist will examine your teeth before deciding on whitening.
Not all patients are responsive to the whitening process and not all patients respond at the same rate. There are many methods to improve the colour of your teeth.
Any restoration i.e. filling, crowns etc.,in the front teeth may need replacement for proper colour matching after the whitening.
Teeth with very dark marks, especially those with tetracycline staining , may need more than one whitening process over several months to achieve satisfactory results.
There is no reason for re whitening or “touchup” unless there is an obvious deterioration in the colour change. Most common side effects are tooth sensitivity an/or soft tissue irritation , Both side effects will return to normal when the whitening treatment has been completed and no long term effects should be experienced. Often the reduction of time per treatment or frequency of whitening alleveates such effects. If side effects persist ,however, the patients should consult the dentist.
Patients should avoid food that contains a dark colour i.e. tea, coffee, red wine, cola etc., for at least 48 hours to prevent staining after whitening.