Root Canal Treatment

What is Root Canal Treatment?
Root Canal Treatment is a procedure performed to treat and prevent pain and infection in decayed or traumatised teeth. The treatment involves 3 stages and can take several appointments depending on how complex your tooth is.
Stage 1 - The canals of the tooth are located and the infected or damaged pulp and tissue is removed.
Stage 2 - The canals of the tooth are cleaned and shaped.
Stage 3 - The canals of the tooth are filled to prevent re-infection. Between each stage, sedative dressings and temporary fillings will be used to help the tooth settle down and destroy any remaining bacteria.

Is Root Canal Treatment painful?
Root Canal Treatment is a comfortable procedure which involves little or no pain as every step is taken to completely numb the area. Sometimes you may experience slight discomfort after the appointment while the toxic bacteria are being killed by the antibiotics. This may take a few days to settle and sometimes a mild analgesic may be required.

Why do I need Root Canal Treatment?
The most common reason for needing Root Canal Treatment is due to deep decay which allows bacteria to reach the nerve or "pulp" of the tooth. The pulp may then become inflamed or infected and can then spread through the opening at the tip of the root to the surrounding bone. This can then result in an abscess which may lead to pain or swelling.
Other causes of pulp damage include traumatic blows to the teeth, loose fillings, excessive wear of teeth, cracked teeth and gum disease. All of these can in turn lead to an infected pulp requiring Root Canal Treatment.

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