When should orthodontic treatment be started?
While orthodontics can benefit nearly anyone at any age with orthodontic problems, treatment should ideally start in the pre- or early-teens. Since the difficulty and length of treatment rises with age, treating dental malocclusions as early as possible can save time and money.

Who treats Orthodontics?
An Orthodontic Practioner is a highly trained practioner who has not only graduated as a dental surgeon but has returned to University for further training in Orthodontics. Your orthodontic Practioner will work with your dentist to provide you with the best treatment plan to suit your needs.

What's wrong with crooked teeth?
Crooked teeth makes one self-conscious. They are more difficult to brush and floss, and sometimes may affect speech and eating.

What can Braces do?
Braces can correct crooked teeth and bad bites (malocclusions). They improve aesthetics and self-esteem. It may also help improve speech and eating.

When should I get braces?
As long as you have healthy teeth and gums, you are suitable for braces at any age. However, the ideal time to get the first braces consultation is at age 7, for early detection of eruption problems of first few permanent teeth.
Subsequently, another consultation at age 9 is recommended to check on the remaining back permanent teeth development, as well as any jaw growth problems which may be treated early, so that subsequent treatment is less complicated.

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